Education Program Info Brochure & Poster

America’s Car Museum

The Education Department at America’s Car Museum wanted to send out a brochure to all the schools and education groups in Western Washington to promote the myriad education programs that are offered at the Museum. They asked to create something that was informative for educators while still being appealing to look at.

In order to achieve this, I created this 8-panel, multi-fold brochure that has all the details and programming information on one side, and then when you open the piece completely and flip it over, there is a blueprint-style design of a car that can be used as a poster.

The blueprint not only acts as an advertisement for the Museum, but the call-out text used demonstrate the fundamentals of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) education and how they are all incorporated into an automobile. The blueprint/design motif is used throughout the whole piece to tie it all together.