Drive the Blues Away Marketing Materials

America’s Car Museum

America’s Car Museum has a series of events called Signature Events which are held annually. Drive the Blues Away is the first event of each year and typically showcases live music, food, and booze in an effort to help shake off the winter-time blues. This particular year, the event also happened to align with the opening of a new exhibit in the Museum displaying convertible cars from the 50’s and 60’s.

For the marketing collateral, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of the actual cars that would be on display into the imagery used for the event, so I worked with the Museum’s collection manager to find the car that would fit the look I was going for. The result was this composite image of a young woman playing guitar in front of her ’57 Chevy convertible and welcoming the sunrise.

Shown here are a few examples of the marketing materials produced for the event. In the front is the postcard invitation for the exclusive member preview. Behind, from left to right, are the posters that were distributed across the Puget Sound area and the front cover and inside spread of the menu for the evening.