Logo Samples

Clockwise from top-left:

Overtime Brewery

The owner of this brewery says that his beer is for anyone who doesn’t stop working just because it’s 5. He wanted a logo to reflect this sentiment. Therefore, the font I used on the clock face is one that I designed as a personal project – which I felt was perfect for this application – and the hands show that 5 o’clock has come and gone.



As a company specializing in business cards, this client wanted his logo to be eye-catching, original and fish-related. The outcome was a corporate blue, paper, origami fish. I’m very happy with the way this one turned out and the client was quite pleased, as well.


America’s Car Museum:
5-Year Anniversary

In honor of their 5th year in operation, America’s Car Museum wanted a logo they could add to all of their advertisements and collateral to celebrate the achievement. They tasked me with creating an icon that was auto-related, celebratory and fit in well with their main Museum logo. My solution was this logo that is made to resemble a car badge and uses the same color palette as the Museum wings.


TurtleTrove Ancestry

The sea turtle’s innate ability to always find its way home was the inspiration for this client’s company; a ancestry database for people to find their family’s history. By using a leaf as the turtle’s shell, the logo merges the concepts of navigating home and discovering your family tree.