Brand & Style Guides

America’s Automotive Trust

When I was hired by America’s Car Museum, one of the first large-scale projects they wanted me to work on was developing a solid brand and style guide for the Museum in order to give more legitimacy to the organization. Shortly after the new guidelines were in place, the Museum was taken under the umbrella of America’s Automotive Trust, which also oversaw three additional entities–all of which needed branding and identities, as well.

Since the management really liked what I put together for the Museum, they then asked me to create a suite of guidelines for all five of the Trust organizations, that allowed each one to have it’s own, unique look and feel while maintaining a commonality to tie them all together. The end product was a very cohesive set of 5 branding guidelines (0ne for each entity) that layout everything from color palettes and logo usage to email signatures and letterhead lockups, as well as a style guide that details how all communications, written and verbal, should be conveyed to represent the Trust properly.

Here you see a selection of pages from one of the branding guidelines and the style guide.