Wheels & Heels Annual Gala Invite

America’s Automotive Trust

This tri-fold invitation to the largest annual fundraiser for America’s Automotive Trust is shown as you would open it, so, from left to right, you see the front of the invite, the inside flap when you flip the front up, and the fully open invitation.

The focus of the event this year was high-end exotic cars and the palette was limited with black, white and red being the primary colors. With such a narrow field of color options, this piece was in danger of being very monochrome and bland. To remedy this, I added the tight crop of the Ferrari on the inside flap with almost nothing else on that panel to give it an in-your-face burst of color. I received some initial push-back when I first talked about the idea, as the client felt as though this would be wasting space, but after seeing the effect it had on the piece, they were very happy to keep the image in place.

This also happened to be the 5th anniversary of America’s Car Museum, so I wanted to put a large emphasis on that milestone, which was accomplished by adding the prominent 5th anniversary logo.